Overswinging is a common problem among golfers and leads to inconsistent contact with the ball. It gives you a false sense of feel that you are going to hit the ball really far. With the proper swing mechanics, once the club reaches parallel from the ground on the backswing, your hands and body should not be able to keep turning. If they do your swing path will be derailed, your timing will be off, and will lead to mishits left and right. Here is a great way to stop overswinging and start adding some consistency to your game.

Step 1

Take your stance without a club and let the arms hang down naturally. Now cross arms so the back of the right hand is on the back of the left, and swing your arms back. When your left arm bends slightly, that is the top of your golf swing.

Step 2

Now take a club and:

  1. Address the ball.
  2. Make sure your right shoulder is lower than your left.
  3. Take a backswing and keep the knees steady (the right knee should keep it’s original flex to the top of the swing).
  4. Weight should be distributed equally among both feet during the backswing.
  5. When the grip end of the club points down towards the ground, your backswing is complete.

You are now in a position to use your hands, wrist, and arms more effectively to make a deadly strike on the ball. At first you may feel like your not going to be able to hit the ball. This is normal. Your swing is more compact than before and it will take less time to deliver the club to the ball. Your timing will be slightly off at first, but YOU will start hitting with more power and become deadly accurate with your new swing.


With that said, I will see you on the first tee.


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