I ran across an ad today from a sports nutrition company called Golf Fuel. Even though I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I first read the contents on their website, I decided to take a closer look at what their all about. They claim to have the miracle pill that will allow YOU to play better golf.

The Golf Fuel website has a professional appearance and looks legit, at least until you start actually reading. It states that many golfers are playing poorly because they have a low amount of brain fuel. Supposedly their supplements can replenish your body with key nutrients to produce more brain fuel, a.k.a. “Golf Fuel” and:

  1. Knock strokes off your game
  2. Quickly cure your nagging back, elbow, knees, shoulders, and wrist pain… “fast and forever”!
  3. Will work in 10-minutes or less

It is also endorsed by LPGA golfer, Brittney Lincicome.

Does it work?

The health nut that I am, I will NEVER try a product like this. My gut instincts tells me that something’s not right. Common sense tells me you can’t magically start swinging the club like a professional if you don’t know how to.

What if I still want to try Golf Fuel?

You can try it for free by clicking here.

What does Golfeneur think?

This video sums things up nicely.

Have you tried any Golf Fuel supplements and have they worked for YOU?

With that said, I will see you on the first tee.

About Jiro Nakazaki
Jiro Nakazaki is an entrepreneur, investor, and educator with a background in psychology. He is a believer that anything is possible with a strong education, hard work, and a fighting spirit.

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