How much is your nationality worth to you? Ten thousand dollars? One hundred thousand dollars? Try twenty-five million. Some of us remember when Yani Tseng was offered 25 million dollars from a Chinese company to change her nationality from Taiwan to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) but turned down the offer. Was this a good decision for Yani?

Yani Tseng won her 14th tour title over the weekend at the LPGA Founders Cup. Not only does the top ranked female golfer continue her domination on the course, she also rules the front pages of Taiwanese newspapers featuring photographs of her lifting trophies triumphantly. Her spectacular performance continues to spark interest in golf in Taiwan as China continues their jealousy.

It’s not unheard of for athletes to change nationalities to play for a different nation. Like former world 9-ball champion Wu Chia-ching, who gave up his nationality and switched teams to PRC, after complaining about the lack of financial opportunities in Taiwan. But China has begun to recognize, there are Taiwanese that cannot be bought.

“It doesn’t matter which country I’m playing in, I feel that I’m bringing glory to ethnic Chinese across the world and I’m proud to be a Chinese,” says the Chinese-Taipei (Taiwanese) star, Yani Tseng.

Seems like Yani made the right choice.

Would you give up your citizenship for 25 smackeroos?


With that said, I will see you on the first tee.

Jiro Nakazaki, PGA
About Jiro Nakazaki
Jiro Nakazaki is a PGA Golf Professional and a full-time golf instructor and blogger with a background in psychology. He is a specialist in golf education and believes that a great golfer is built from the inside out. "It's easy to become a great golfer, if you have a strong golf education." Make sure to follow @Golfeneur on Twitter!

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